R&D Engineer, Lighting Products

Company Name:
Placement Services USA, Inc.
Develops, coordinates, and monitors all aspects of production, including selection of manufacturing methods, fabrication, or operation of product designs. Performs mechanical design, 3-D modeling, and testing of lighting products using LED technology from concept to production. Designs reflectors, optics, and luminaires. Simulates designs for performance and acceptability. Prototypes, tests and then drives designs through the tooling and manufacturing processes. Evaluates system performance under environmental conditions. Develops product testing systems, methods and/or procedures, including designing test control apparatus or equipment. Recommends design modifications to eliminate machine or system malfunctions. Researches and analyzes customer design proposals, specifications, manuals, or other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, or maintenance requirements of designs or applications. Researches, designs, evaluates, installs, operates, and maintains mechanical products, equipment, systems and processes to meet requirements. Assists drafters in developing the structural design of products using drafting tools or computer-assisted design (CAD) or drafting equipment and software. Develops and tests models of alternate designs and processing methods to assess feasibility, operating condition effects, possible new applications and necessity of modification. May require some domestic/international travel. Employer is an EOE/M/F/V/D employer.
Additional Skills: Knowledge of materials' strength and physical performance evaluation techniques: impact testing and damage analysis; fatigue/operational life evaluations, and ASTM compliant testing. Researching effects of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity and ultraviolet rays' exposure on product performance. Researching and designing materials for high thermal conductivity. Writing grant-proposals for government/external funding. Evaluating patents for intellectual property conflicts and identifying venues for new intellectual value creation. Designing statistical experiments to minimize product development cost.
Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
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